03 décembre 2009

Hardworking For Ten Years: The Fresh Racing Bike Of Audi Appeared

Power invariably means both responsibility and danger.

A5 is a competitive product of Audi entering the market of two-door coupe. Due to the absence of such a kind of car, Audi has been unable to compete with Mercedes-Benz CLK and BMW 3 Series Coupe which are very popular among young people. A5 fills in Audi's blank in this important market.Hey! How Can You Hold Loose Widespread GHD hair straightener ?

As early as 2007 at Geneva Motor Show, Audi revealed its double-door four-seater sports car A5. Really?! Serena Van Der Woodsen Wear reading glasses in Banquet! When asked about the main purpose of this new car, the designer Claus Potthoff of the car. He said that Audi had distinctive exterior feature different from other brands, but there was little difference between its own models.What Go Public? tiffany chains

The exteriors of A4, A6 and A8 are too similiar and people want Audi to have some particular exterior diffenrent from other brands. A5 is just such a model of a larruping design. To be frank, the appearance of such super couple like A5 and S5 is to testify that Audi is out of ordinary. It is to break the people's general concept that A4 is a small-editioned A6 and A6 is a small-editioned A8.

For a brand like Audi that is defined as luxury car, the distinctive homogenization between its types has been a big pain for its hard-working designers. When pursuing the increase of sales volume, it is really a tough task to create differences between similar models. This car model was launched in June 2007, which means, after the release of classic sports cars, TT and R8, Audi now has a new product positioned between the two.

S5 has almost all the high-performance configurations that Audi has and powerful V8 engines and classic Quattro full-time symmetrical AWD. In addition to these typical Germanic parentages, you can see some small surprises in this car. What is the most surprising is not its exterior, but the design of its power system.

From 1930s, there has not been any type of rear-wheel driving in Audi family. And this time Audi deployed a new layout for its front-wheel-drive models (S5 is four-wheel drive, and some types of A5 has only front-wheel drive) in order to decrease the gap in maneuverability between Audi and its rivals BMW and Benz which are mainly of rear-wheel drive. For decades, Audi has been making effort to improve its slightly weak control performance, especially for the latest designs of RS4, TT and R8 models.

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