08 décembre 2009

The MTV Video Music Award This Year, The Recounter Between "Nova" Lady Gaga And Beyonce

Here's to fun

Do you still remenber Britney Spears’s surprised face on MTV Video Music Awards last year? Before the ceremony, she monopolized the three major awards even unpromising beginning. What to Pick for Lovers? GHD hair straighteners ! She eventually rebound after sufferring huge setbacks. Who will be so excited this year except her? But one thing is certain that this will not be Britney definitely.Why People in Minsk all Want ugg boots sale

2009 MTV Video Music Awards nomination list has been published, “ nova” Lady Gaga and " black star" Beyonce each received nine nominations. Fashion Trend for Fall: GHD straightener Their Superb performance made this awards "Nova" and "Black Star" veritable counter strike, stolling half of male singers’ show at that time. What is Modish Now? Normally GHD straighteners ! Lady Gaga is a neophyte by comparison, Beyonce is more likely to win as today” Princess of America-pop.

"Annual Music Video," "Best Pop Video" and "Best Female Artist Music Video" all will be acquired by Beyonce's " Single Ladies ( Put a Ring on It ) ". And such an award "Best Newcomer" for Lady Gaga is already enough. They seens evenly matched on quantity, but the former is poorer than the latter on quality.

From the debut, Lady Gaga conquerred fans not by excellent vocal but the surprising performance, usually reflectting in daring dressing and bold words to obtain attention. She often wear her briefs on performance that make the tv broadcasting stations consider whether or not to allow her live performances because of her over-exposure on dressing. She once said, "I sing dance music, no emotion needed." She sing for entertainment, no nourishing at all.

Although she was named next "Britney", but you can see she performs a little bit. Even if she is famous, but her fame is not very positive, so it is not likely to gain major awards replying on Poker Face.

Besides, we take a look at Beyonce's "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)", which is a good set of popularity and quality work. This song about feminist topics win hearts of the public, certainly such a song with profound topic is strongly recommended as a prize presentation ceremony. The MV of this song takes retro tone and normal standard without gimmicks, but aristocratic temperament in the mood of classic. The dance in this MV full of popular and classic, getting enthusiastical response on the internet. It has gained enough popuparity before the prize presentation ceremeny, that why it is ripe for the award-winning.

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