04 décembre 2009

Thousands of Italian Women Signed a Petition Accusing Premier's Degrading Females

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Italian prime minister Berlusconi has been beset by all kinds of affairs recently, Recently ,he made impertinent remarks, criticizing the one attached to the opposition party the former women's minister Binti. Which offended the country’s women, causing about 100,000 of them to sign a petition to protest against him.The Reasons Why Megan Fox Buy ed hardy shirts

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi recently in a television talk shows, criticezed that formerly MP, Rosy Bindi, 58, was prettier than she is intelligent and provoked indignation from many ordinary Italian women. Although Berlusconi indicated that he was cracking a joke. The criticism that he was a chauvinist never stopped Some people accuse that it's the example for him to insult women once again. Also someone thinks that this is the symbol of traditional social feminism in Italy has raised.Why the Most Expensive bifocal eyeglasses for 2010 Winter are So Queer?

This matter resulting from on the other day in a television conversation program, Binti criticized Berlusconi seriously, and after that, Berlusconi made a call to the show, describing Ms. How to

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Berlusconi's remarks provoked many women, and about 97 thousand women signed a petition accusing Silvio Berlusconi of insulting women. A woman senator said that there is someone must remind Berlusconi he is not the Hollywood star George Clooney.


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