25 novembre 2009

Nicolas Cage Fan of Edhardy Takes Part in Hungry Rabbit

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Nicolas Cage will play an role in the film Hungry Rabbit Jump Up.Two famous entertainment companies, Maguire Entertainment and Endgame Entertainment will work together on the movie.The director of this film is Roger Donaldson who also once directed the film The Recruit.

Nicolas Cage has his fans all over the world, and he fame started from the familiar tough handsome image, which deeply attracted the audience.Although this capable star has had a role in more than 70 films, his costume is nothing but suits.

in his daily lives, he tries a different style.Cage himself is very interested in Ed Hardy wear. He thinks that those tattoos can express his attitudes towards life very well.Ed hardy make a perfect combination of retro with modern and simple with generous, so it is very popular with the stars.

The plot of this film "Hungry Rabbit Jump Up" is about how a woman becomes the victim of a brutal crime.He subsequently becomes entangled with an underground vigilante organization.

The film will be shot in New Orleans next January."Bad Lieutenant" with Cage as the leading actor has just been presented in the Venice International Film Festival as a competing film.According to a report, Nicolas Cage has planned to devote himself into shooting a 3D film "Rage for Speed" when the "Hungry Rabbit Jump Up" comes to an end.

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