03 novembre 2009

Ukrainian Female Prime Minister ranks the hottest heads list

The local time on 14 October 2009,"Hottest Heads of State" organized the name-shared website to announce the lists of the world's most sexy politicians,Ukrainian female premier topped the list. ed hardy uk

A website named “Hottest Heads of State” declaims the result of hot heads recently:The 49 years old Ukraine female premier Yulia Tymoshenko heads the chart,Unexpectedly, Obama, who has just won the Nobel Peace Prize and is in the spotlight of the world, failed to go into the Top 10,the recent re-elected Merkel, even not step into the front one hundred. Tiffany Charms

Although there're lots of lists talking about beauty and taste, this right list attracts biggest attention from media in US.probably because the winner of the hottest list is unexpected by everyone.all top ten winners had beautiful delicate eyes indeed,and 80% of them are from small countries which have weak voice in the world political arena, it was really "too not politics"."Hottest Heads of State" website put the concern aside,it is enclosed at the top of the list says:"As the entire fine but mendacious democracy,we will adopt your messages as suggestions."State:" There is nothing concerned with politic, we only concern about beauty."GHD Pink

It is reported that Norwegian Prime Minister Stoltenberg, resembling Hollywood star Clive Owen, only ranked second. GHD Black And the third is the youngest king of the world, the fifth king of Bhutan, Khesar-Namgyal-Wangchuck.

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